Restorative Practice in Education

Bringing the concept of Restorative Practice to schools


Daily schools and teachers are faced with problems that distract them from their primary goal of teaching. Those problems include,

  • late to class
  • disruptive behaviour
  • failure to complete tasks (in class and home work)
  • students failing to bring required materials to class
  • rudeness, insolence and abusive language to teachers and others
  • fighting
  • bullying and harassment
  • parental complaints following incidents involving their child
  • problems in the staff room as a result of perceived inadequate management responses

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Education Training

Bringing the concept of Restorative Practice to Tasmanian Schools

studentJLD Restorative Practices offers schools the opportunity to explore the concept of  restorative practices in detail and to translate the philosophy into practice through,

  • day staff training sessions, (introductory and advanced) or
  • 2-hour training modules presented at times that best suit the school community
  • and practical application sessions.

Follow up support is available to reinforce and grow your experience and knowledge.

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