JLD Restorative Practices was established in 2006 by John Lennox and Les Drelich, two of Tasmania’s most well known, experienced and respected advocates and practitioners of restorative practices. Les retired from the partnership in 2016.

The principal Consultant is:-


john lennox

John is a former Police Officer who has had 30 years experience in community policing, training and conferencing of juvenile offenders. He was an early advocate of conferencing in Tasmania Police and has been largely responsible for training of Authorized Police Officers (pursuant to Youth Justice Act 1997) since 1997. He has also delivered training in restorative practices to all police cadets since 2004. He has presented papers at National and State conferences and attended international conferences. He has contributed to the development of Tasmania Police youth policy and the development of a revised Authorized Officer training course.

In recent years, he has advocated restorative practices in schools and provided personal development courses to teachers and students, TAFE social worker courses and other non-government agencies. The award of two commendations by Tasmania Police has recognized his work in this area.

The partners of JLDRP have a collective experience in working restoratively with young offenders, school conferences and workplaces where there has been a breakdown in relationships which has caused harm. They have worked across Tasmanian schools in assisting with the implementation of the Respectful Schools/Respectful Behaviour policy and also developing the use of restorative processes in government Departments and private enterprise.

John is a Director of Restorative Practices International (www.rpiassn.org) and has chaired the Tasmanian Chapter of that organisation. He was convenor of the 2015 RPI National Conference in Hobart.

Restorative practices commencing at an early stage within education and flowing on to all aspects of our social relationships is a proven method of improving the manner in which persons relate to each other in socially positive ways leading to increased community safety and a more harmonious society.

JLD Restorative Practices understands the Tasmanian community and has extensive professional networks which enhances their service delivery.